To push the limits, combine efforts, discover a way of environmental solutions.
We associate for the sake of stable development and environmental stability

The war in Ukraine is the threat for the whole continent, nuclear peril, climate crisis – all of them motivate to combine efforts and speed the adoption of sustainable development, making just the steadfast business more successful. When the global risks continue to increase, business leaders seek to combine efforts.

The sponsors of the project, such as PAEU invite the key international business leaders to help Ukraine to formulate a roadmap of necessary actions and decisions for business eco modernization after sharing with their own way of change. The climate and environment problems are infinite

The project provides the following: 

  • Popularization of success stories of key companies of the continent and the most significant success of the countries with the help of organizer’s portal and partners’ resources
  • Popularization of better engineering, technological and administrative (corporate) decisions which may help Ukraine to implement the ecological transboundary revolution
  • Preparation of special political publication, named as “ECOTRANSFORMATION”
  • Carrying out the international online forum “Stakeholders ECOTRANSFORMATION&ENG without borders” in December 2022.

What is this project focused on?

To exchange of best practices, assistance of networking development and supporting of necessary acceptance to the stakeholders.

Accelerated creating of international partnerships which are oriented to the conservation of climate and eco transformation of fields

Realization of environment conduct in practice by business

Qualitative networking of the concerned business leaders

Opportunity to demonstrate the progress which was produced (When that entails the profit from success which was reached owing to the program of decarbonization, the ability to demonstrate the produced access is vitally important. Clients, investors, creditors and shareholders are expected to receive transparent and valid data to confirm the acquirement applications. So that is about the reputation and financial advantage)

The climate crisis is not similar to any other defiance that organizations and the planet used to encounter with. We are afraid of it yet, but new and creative thinking will gather pace in this regard.

More than 80% of the world General Directors assert that stability investments will facilitate better business outcomes during the next 5 years.

We act together, think outside the box, consolidate the Green Agenda.


“ECOTRANSFORMATION” is a business media design which is characterized by better business-decisions, projects, start-ups, which make the development in Ukraine more sustainable an ecological.

There is a 5th jubilee project which is planned in 2022.

In war time and global disasters the Ukrainian business demands the experience of some international enterprises in the way of transformation, supporting the international institutions and consolidated vision of recovery of Ukraine more than ever before

The real agenda of Ecological transformation and economical green recovery of Ukraine is formed here.

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Chief of the Development and partnership Department of PAEU: 


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