The Professional Association of Ecologists of Ukraine is an innovative, independent, modern trade union of specialists who care about the greening of Ukraine’s economy.

We are a community of like-minded people who are interested in changing paradigms.

We do not seek change at any cost, we are convinced that change is inevitable, development must be sustainable.

We have created more than just a platform to scale everyone’s experience. In conditions of turbulence platforms will not stand, turbulence destroys platforms.

We create an environment that is mobile and dynamic. Because changes in the environment happen every day.

PAEU is a voluntary unity of people who voluntarily follow the Path:

✅ ecologists, specialists responsible for environmental safety

✅ officials and deputies who unexpectedly became environmentalists, responsible and aware

✅ ordinary people who, after talking to us, become environmentally friendly forever…

ECO-logical: we have imperceptibly changed their logic! We generate disturbance around us, a zone of turbulence, it attracts a lot of people. Only eco-conscious people can promote sustainable development and prevent risks!

This is the Eco-environment, which already has its own values, rules, ethics of behavior, etc.

This is the ideology of our union – to create an Eco-environment! We do not increase the thickness of the fortress walls, anxiously awaiting the 9th wave of changes, but open a school of surfers, prepare boards and eagerly await this giant wave, which has us with unprecedented speed and strength to carry the Way of Change.


Development of laws and other normative legal acts that will eliminate gaps in environmental legislation
Organizing and conducting public examinations of draft laws, programs, decisions and other documents and regulations
Promoting the organization and implementation of measures to improve environmental education, development of the environmental profession and training of environmentalists
Representation and protection of legitimate professional and other common interests of the Association members in central and local authorities, other state and non-state institutions and organizations
Organization and holding of lectures, seminars, trainings, conferences, meetings and other informational and educational events
Interaction with national and foreign public organizations and international non-governmental organizations
Promoting the development of all areas of management in accordance with the goals of sustainable development
Providing methodological and informational assistance to the members of the Association
Promoting the dissemination of environmental knowledge among the population
Promoting the employment of environmentalists
Promoting environmental and food security in Ukraine
The Professional Association of Ecologists of Ukraine (PAEU) is more than just an association.
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Reports on the activities


  Who are we and what do   we do?


  • We scale the experience of everyone who works on the eco-transformation of all sectors of the economy and community life;
  • We initiate the development of laws and other regulations that will eliminate gaps in environmental legislation;
  • We provide expertise on the most important topics of environmental protection: eco-modernization of industry, air protection (emission treatment, МЗВ system, emission reduction), adaptation to climate change, water protection, СЕО and ОВД, waste management (ТПВ, solid waste, industrial and radioactive waste ), agroecology, greening of ОТГ, etc.
  • Represent and protect the legitimate professional and other common interests of the Association members in central and local authorities, other governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations
  • We provide methodological and informational assistance to members of the Association
  • Increase the level of knowledge of specialists (lectures, seminars, trainings, conferences, meetings, etc.) and increase the environmental awareness of communities, etc.

Who finances our activities?

PAEU is an independent, non-governmental, non-political union, which unites by ideological and professional affiliation individuals and legal entities interested in greening enterprises and communities of Ukraine.

The activities of the PAEU are not funded by any political forces, international organizations and operate through the annual mandatory and charitable contributions of its members.


Performance results?

Since the establishment of PAEU in 2019, we:

  1. Bring together more than 7,000 practitioners to promote greening
  2. 32 profile associations were involved in solving acute issues
  3. Supported the activities of the union by cooperating with 28 leading research institutes and universities
  4. Joined the start of “garbage reform”, state environmental control, industrial pollution, etc.
  5. Held more than 40 sectoral and intersectoral eco-conferences
  6. Provided advice to more than 10,000 environmentalists (there is a permanent consultation line)
  7. Joined the content of the only in Ukraine application edition “Ecology of the enterprise”
  8. Issued practical manuals “Judicial practice in environmental disputes”, “Everything for the ecologist”
  9. Helped to implement environmental projects in different parts of Ukraine
  10. Created the first e-platform for those who green their activities

Can an entity be helped to avoid fines?


SO! Our members know the environmental legislation perfectly. We learn to work not only according to the law, but also ahead of it. We prepare companies for inspections, teach how to optimize all processes, how to properly draw up documents, how to turn problems into solutions, how to know their rights and be able to protect them!


What is the size of the member’s membership fee for joining?


The size of the membership fee depends on several parameters:

  • Is a natural or legal person becoming a member of PAEU?
  • Are you planning to receive assistance from interaction or provide advertising for your services, equipment, goods?
  • The scale of environmental issues in the area represented by the participant, etc.