Economy + Energy + Ecology = Recovery Formula

We join forces for:

Consulting support of businesses and communities during the war
Green recovery of the economy after the end of the war

We call for turning challenges into opportunities to reshape how we live and to build a world that is greener, smarter, and fairer.

At the heart of this platform there is the development of road maps and practical routes that can be used by companies seeking to be part of a green and sustainable economy. They cover all spheres of business activity that are the most important for society.

The platform helps attract leading national and international experts with experience in crisis and post-crisis management in order to mitigate the consequences of hostilities and the negative environmental impact of war.

Balanced policies from both government and business will help finding resources and investments in order to support clean air, flood protection, sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy.

The stabilization of the war and post-war economy should go hand in hand with efficiency and profitability synchronously with the priorities of adaptation to climate change and eco-transformation of industries.

The war in Ukraine, the global security crisis, the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals provide a global framework that can help businesses to transition towards a more sustainable business..

The platform will provide a broad analysis of how the business community can adapt and contribute to the crucial goal of rebuilding the state, its sustainable development, which will combine the goals of environmental protection and economic growth in the post-war period.

What is the purpose of the platform?

We provide a professional and balanced dialogue between business-government-communities for sustainable reforms and green war and post-war reconstruction. Ukraine should use the transform economy towards a green economy. It is the involvement of practitioners and experienced experts that gives an understanding of the effectiveness of all reforms and the opportunity to avoid decisions on paper

We align policies and sector development with international best practices and the demands of the times. Together, we can help driving sustainability and transformation in key sectors such as agriculture, waste management and forestry.

We promote investment in skills and innovation. Relatively few global recovery efforts focus on skills training and green technology innovation. This is an important shared challenge for us, as the creation of green jobs, in particular to compensate for job losses in other sectors, can help ensuring a "just transition"

In order to solve global recovery challenges, we bring together ECO-TRANSFORMER LEADERS who have innovative thinking, actions and momentum that can truly change the continent.

Collaboration is the only way to achieve Green Recovery’s goals and to influence and scale the systemic transformation that Ukraine needs, because together we can achieve what no single company can achieve alone.

Representatives are invited to interact within the framework of the platform:

From the business representatives of the spheres of:

 energy supply and energy efficiency;

  mining industry;

 transport and mobility;


 product and materials manufacture;

 financial products and services;

 water and sewage;

 Agro-industrial complex and the food industry;


 recycling and waste management;

 tourism and hospitality

Representatives of specialized business associations

Representatives of international business structures

How are we going to rationalize working with companies that don’t always have a perfect sustainability track record, or that work in industries that aren’t traditionally considered sustainability leaders?

Our response is that we recognize that sustainability and its integration into core business decision-making is the solution. If a company is serious about improving sustainability in its business practices and will promote cooperation in the field of sustainability between sectors and the state, then it is a desired member of our association.

Professional Association of Ecologists of Ukraine (PAEU), as the founder of the platform, is inclusive – we do not judge a company by its heritage.

We know that no company, not only within Ukraine, but all over the world, is perfect and that all companies could be better. Joining the Platform gives all companies the opportunity to become a part of the large-scale cooperation that our Ukraine needs.

Our work in the direction of Green economic recovery extends to a number of programs and initiatives

Advisory services

We provide technical advisory assistance to build capacity for helping Ukraine’s transition to greener and more inclusive economic models.

Green recovery knowledge platform

We provide the government with the policy recommendations, best practices, tools and data required to support the recovery and transition to green economy..

Promotion of the best global practices

We hold regular conferences, round tables, seminars to join forces. We work to include the economy of nature in the decision-making process at all levels, etc.

Research and programs

We conduct research to help politicians changing policies and investments for environmental post-war reconstruction to protect the environment and promote economic growth

Partnership for action on rebuilding the green economy

We cooperate with leading domestic and international experts and organizations to help Ukraine in the development, adoption and implementation of policies and strategies for the economic recovery according to the principles of sustainability and environmental sustainability.

Joining the Platform gives experts the opportunity to apply their knowledge and experience to rebuild the economy of Ukraine according to the best green models.

Joining the Platform gives all companies the opportunity to become a part of the large-scale cooperation that our Ukraine needs.

Green economic recovery partners

These leading partner organizations are committed to working towards a sustainable future by working together in creating, managing and sharing knowledge

The “Green economic recovery” platform is open to everyone who believes in a flourishing and environmentally sustainable future of Ukraine!

Thanks to the “green” recovery, Ukraine will have the opportunity to deploy innovations, carry out a broader and more fundamental restructuring of critical sectors, accelerate the environmental plans existing in the pre-war period, and use environmentally sustainable development projects

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